Huenemann, K., and D. Wright. Hughena Mccorquodale. no date. no date.



File details
ID Label Size Mimetype Created
RELS-EXT Fedora Object to Object Relationship Metadata. 1.88 KiB application/rdf+xml 2017-08-18
MODS MODS Record 1.86 KiB application/xml 2017-08-18
DC DC Record 1.05 KiB text/xml 2017-08-18
CWRC ceww_entry-mccorquodale_h_done.xml 22.05 KiB application/xml 2017-08-11
POLICY XACML Policy Stream 12.78 KiB application/xml 2017-08-18
WORKFLOW WORKFLOW DS 436 B text/xml 2017-08-18
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